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Fluorocarbon Rubber - FKM

Fluorocarbon Rubber (FKM) has high temperature resistance, good oil resistance, chemical products resistance and flame resistance. FKM's low temperature properties and elasticity are poor.

This is a family of rubbers designed for very high temperature operation. Fluorocarbon rubber can operate continuously somewhat in excess of 200C depending on the grade, and intermittently to temperatures as high as 300C. They have outstanding resistance to chemical attack by oxidation, by acids and by fuels. FKM has good oil resistance. However, at the high operating temperatures they are weak, so that any design must provide adequate support against applied forces. They have limited resistance to steam, hot water, methanol, and other highly polar fluids. They are attacked by amines, strong alkalis and many Freons. There are standard and special grades - the latter can be designed to have special properties such as improved low-temperature resistance.

General uses: O-rings, gaskets, oil seal, rubber seals.


This is an O-Ring made from Fluorocarbon rubber (FKM). This specific component is used in the automotive industry.

Fluorocarbon Rubber Material Properties
Hardness Range 60-90
Temp. Range C° -40 / 190
Strength Properties Suitable
Compression Set Good
Abrasion Resistance Suitable
Tear Resistance Poor
Weather Resistance Excellent
Ozone Resistance Excellent
Water Resistance Excellent
Mineral Oil Resistance Excellent
Vegetable Oil Resistance Excellent
Gas Barrier Properties Good
Electrical Properties Good
Flame Resistance Excellent
Acid Resistance Good
Tackiness Good
Color Stability Poor

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