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Chloroprene Rubber - CR

Chloroprene Rubber (CR) has several types of polychloroprene. Chloroprene rubber mechanical properties are generally inferior to natural rubber but with superior chemical properties. Over time crystallization results in hardening at temperatures about -10 degree C. CR has very good resistance to ozone. It also has good flame retardance and good tackiness.

Chloroprene Rubber is widely used in general engineering applications. It is less resistant than natural rubber to low temperature stiffening but can be compounded to give improved low temperature resistance. It is suitable for use with mineral oils and greases and dilute acids and alkalis, but is not suitable when in contact with fuels. Chloroprene Rubber generally has poorer set and creep than natural rubber.

General uses: General uses: Industrial products.

Chloroprene Rubber Material Properties
Hardness Range 20-95
Temp. Range C° -40 / 130
Strength Properties Good
Compression Set Good
Abrasion Resistance Good
Tear Resistance Good
Weather Resistance Good
Ozone Resistance Good
Water Resistance Good
Mineral Oil Resistance Good
Vegetable Oil Resistance Good
Gas Barrier Properties Good
Electrical Properties Unacceptable
Flame Resistance Good
Acid Resistance Good
Tackiness Good
Color Stability Unacceptable

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